A Room and A Recipe: Raspberry

So here’s the deal.  Yesterday was National Cheesecake Day and today is National Raspberry Cake Day.  Really.  Who knew?

So… We’re combining the two days into one for a raspberry-inspired Room and a Recipe post!



Raspberry Mood Board Schneidermans Furniture web


Raspberry Option 2 Schneidermans Furniture

1. Of course the “room” was inspired by this great raspberry, chocolate, and cream IKAT fabric on the chair in Option 1.  The chair would be a custom order, but completely worth the wait!

For a different look that’s a little more clean and simple, this warm brown leather chair in Option 2 would also make for a great look!

2. This lamp ties in with the sofa and has a great shape and pattern

3&5. Tables with a slightly rustic feel and nice mix of wood with metal accents. Hard to tell in the image, but there’s an interesting pattern on the top.

4. The English arms and nailhead accent on this sofa give it a slightly more sophisticated feel, while the loose cushions make it comfortable and relaxed.  We (as of the date of this post) show the sofa in this fabric on our showroom floor, but it would be a custom order due to the change in pillow fabric.

6. We talked about Hirschfield’s Oak Tone paint in this post on Gray Paint Colors, and think it could make for a nice lighter neutral background in this space.

7. To add a solid pop of raspberry, an additional set of pillows can be custom ordered with the sofa. Or eliminate the IKAT fabric on the pillows and go with solid instead.

8. In the same style as the sofa, this comfortable chair would add additional seating without adding more pattern or color.



So we took the concept of Raspberry cheesecake, added chocolate (because it’s good), and pie (because it’s easier than cheesecake).  See how we push the envelope?  This Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake Pie looks simple AND delicious and I can’t wait to try it!


So what do you think? Are you a fan of raspberry – either in a room or a recipe?

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