A Look You’ll Love: Warm, Inviting, Rustic Boho Style

Love this living room with rustic boho style, gray wood plank walls, brown sofa, wood floors, brick walls and great styling and accessories!

In our last post, we showed you a Farmhouse look for the Laramie sofa, and talked about how simple it can be to decorate around with a variety of colors and styles.

The goal was to provide inspiration to get you started toward putting your own style stamp on the Laramie, or any brown sofa.

Today’s post is our second look, and there’s plenty of inspiration and take-away ideas for you in this space!

The Laramie Gets Rustic Boho Style:

One thing, among many, that I like about today’s room, is that it’s so relaxed and approachable.

Aged wood floors, brick and wood plank walls, great texture and color in the furniture and accessories – all of it is so inviting that you really just want to move right in!

Steph and Natalie were totally on the mark with this look and their fun, eclectic mix of furniture and accessories.

We like how the overstuffed Laramie Sofa sits next to the clean lines of the more modern Grayson Accent Chair, and the smooth, crisp white lamp pops against the rustic texture of the Meadow end table (as does the mottled feather picture against the wall).

It’s a great juxtaposition of elements, and design choices like that were made all throughout the space.  It’s part of what makes the room feel relaxed and a little unexpected.

Rustic boho style living room with a rustic vibe. Great texture in the brick, gray plank walls, aged wood floors. Love the furniture and accessories!

One of the hallmarks of rustic boho style is that it can get almost as crazy as you want, without a lot of rules. This room doesn’t do that though.  It keeps the style low key, and is a great example of how to incorporate smaller touches of the style – like the ethnic inspired pillows and a mix of color and pattern – to add some life and uniqueness to your space.

Creative decorating

It’s always great when an inspiration room has simple creative decorating ideas that you can take away and quickly and easily incorporate into your own home.

For example, the way they used the Foster Accent Bench in place of a coffee table.  And the way they draped the sari-inspired throw across it to break up the brown and add a different texture, some color, and pattern.  It’s also a great way to keep a throw on hand, but not on the sofa.

Rustic boho style living room. Great rustic plank wall, brown sofa, bench used as ottoman, pops of color. Love the feather art!

Instead of using an end table on the other end of the sofa, they chose a dark accent chest packed with personality.  Another really great idea for sneaking extra storage into your living or family room.

And no office?  No problem.  The smaller scale of the New Castle desk doesn’t take up much extra space, and it looks right at home – like it belongs in the room.

incorporating a small home office space into this rustic boho style living room

So now we know that the Laramie works with Farmhouse style, and is pretty much amazing with a warm, rustic Boho vibe.

We know these aren’t the only options, though, and would love to see what style you create with yours.  You can share it with us on Instagram (#schneidermans)!

A mudroom option.

In case you’re wondering what a mudroom might look like in this rustic boho style home…

We snuck a few accessories before they set up and shot the living room, and used them to style the Meadow Bench for our post on 6 Ways to Use a Bench.  This was the entry/mudroom option in that post.

Looks like it could work, doesn’t it?

A Farmhouse Look for the Laramie.

And, if you didn’t see our first look for the Laramie, you can read the entire post here.

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