A Farmhouse Living Room That Will Make You Want A Brown Sofa

Many of us actually already have a brown sofa but, judging by the popularity of one of our previous blog posts on the topic, it seems that deciding how to decorate around it can be a struggle sometimes.

It may be that these Googling home decorators are just suffering from decorating paralysis in general, but I don’t think so. The two main questions seem to be:

A. What color goes with my brown sofa? (Brown is a neutral, so almost any color.)

B. What design style will work with my brown sofa? (There are way more possibilities than you might think, so don’t put yourself in a box.)

So, with that in mind, we hope today’s post will be the start of viewing your brown sofa in a different way.  Some inspiration to get you thinking outside the box and so inspired that, if you don’t already have a brown sofa, you’ll want one!   

Case in point, our Laramie sofa.  It’s displayed in our showrooms in an area that has a Minnesota Casual look – leaning more to the rustic side.  Styled with coordinating pillows that come standard with the sofa (shown in the vendor image below), it has a warm, casual, and comfortable look that many people are drawn to.

But if you love the Laramie and that’s really not the look you’re going for, not to worry.  There’s so much more you can do with it, or any other brown sofa!

We recently styled the Laramie two completely different ways to get your creative juices flowing.  You’ll be seeing the main look, styled by Natalie and Steph and shot by our professional photographers, in an upcoming post.

Today’s look gives the brown Laramie a fresh Farmhouse style.


This sofa actually lends itself really well to the casual, approachable vibe of the Farmhouse look.  It just needed a little lighter feel and some different design elements to move it in the right direction.

1. Lightening the look:

Tables: When considering which tables to use, I knew that the white Aberdeen tables would be an instant room brightener.  Set against the dark brown sofa, they instantly lighten the space and add graphic interest.

Pillows: Of course these are always an easy way to soften a brown sofa, and using pillows with lighter fabrics and a pop of yellow gives a fresh look.

Curtains: Soft, white sheers at the windows enhance the light and airy feel. A beautiful contrast against the rustic gray walls.

2. Texture.

We went all out with texture in this space!  Painted and natural woods, a variety of metals, plants, rope, natural fiber rug, sheers, books, glass, candles…

It really is one of the keys to keeping a mostly neutral space from falling flat.

Rather than using the matching Laramie chair, we opted for a lighter fabric upholstered chair just to show a different look, add a different texture, and mix things up a bit.

3. Pattern Play.

A fun pattern play in the pillows, a base rug layer that mixes instead of exactly matching, and a fun sari-inspired throw all add a casual playfulness to the space.

(A note about the layered rugs.  The initial plan was the top rug in an 8×10, and the room was going to be shot on a concrete floor.  A miscommunication by me on rug size, a change in the room location (thus flooring), and an extra 8×10 rug that just happened to work, resulted in the layered look below.  I like it so much better than the original look I chose.  It pays to always keep an open mind when it comes to decorating…)

4. What about the walls?

We loved the rustic gray wood wall in this room, and it looks great with the farmhouse style, doesn’t it?

Even though most of us don’t have one of these walls in our living room, it’s good inspiration for how great this look can work against a medium to light neutral wall.  If you wanted to make your room even lighter, you could paint walls a warm white.

We styled today’s look with the Laramie, but it could actually look great with a variety of brown sofas.  Maybe the Stampede Hazelnut Sofa, or even the Fandango?

You’ll love our second look for the Laramie, too!  Read the entire post here.

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