8 Reasons Schneiderman’s Lakeville Grand Opening Rocked!

Schneiderman's Lakeville showroom - grand opening day!

As you may know, there’s been quite a bit happening the past 8 months or so on a certain lot (16751) on Kenyon Avenue in Lakeville, Minnesota.

If you had reason to drive by during that time, you probably couldn’t help but notice the buzz of activity. Designers, builders, construction crews, painters, landscapers and the like – all working to bring the vision for Schneiderman’s new Lakeville showroom to life.

And bring that vision to life they did – beautifully!

Schneiderman's Lakeville Showroom - Grand Opening Day! Jason and Larry Schneiderman

Our Grand Opening event took place on Saturday, May 6th, and even though I wasn’t involved in the success of the building, or planning the event, I had watched the progress and seen the hard work and dedicated efforts of others.

So it was exciting to see the end result of that work, and take part in such a successful Grand Opening day.

Here are 8 reasons why I thought the Schneiderman’s Lakeville showroom grand opening rocked

(photography: Jason Brown)

1. The showroom.

Since the opening of the showroom is obviously what prompted all of this celebrating to begin with, it makes sense that it would be #1 on my list.

schneidermans lakeville showroom - interior front view

And it did not disappoint.   The building was beautiful to view from the outside and, once inside, the unique design elements and attention to detail continued.  There was so much to see and appreciate.

The design lounge was one of my favorites.

Schneiderman's lakeville showroom - grand opening day in the design and coffee lounge

Lakeville design lounge | Photo: PK/Schneiderman’s

2. It was fun.

Not fun as in carnivals rides or craziness, but an engaging and enjoyable event for everyone involved.

The store exuded a relaxed and welcoming vibe, and there was a general feeling of anticipation and excitement in the air  – with smiles all around, of course.

3. And there was food.

Oh my.  The food.

Those delectable Glam Doll donuts literally had you at hello as you walked in the door.

And, as you made your way through the store, food stations greeted you at various points.  Nothing ordinary here, and all the unique bites were fun (and tasty!) to try.

And of course there were those yummy bitty burgers and mini dogs grilled by the chef on the deck… A little something for everyone.

4. And ribbons.

Well. There was actually only one ribbon, but it was a BIG ribbon!

Lakeville Mayor, Doug Anderson, was there to offer his congratulations and a welcome to the new location.

And, a long-awaited moment, Jason Schneiderman (President) cut the ribbon while his father, Larry Schneiderman, proudly looked on.

5. There was sunshine.

Every celebration is made better with a little sunshine and, in this case, the sun made it’s appearance early in the day and shone brightly for the duration.

The warm, sunny-blue-sky day could clearly be seen and enjoyed through the beautiful wall of windows in the front of the store.

schneiderman's lakeville showroom - looking out the beautiful row of windows on second floor

And it was perfect weather for hanging out on the second floor deck!

schneiderman's lakeville showroom  - relaxing on the outdoor upper deck

6. And giveaways.

Giveaways always add another level of excitement to the mix because, really, who doesn’t love a chance to win free furniture?

schneiderman's lakeville showroom - prize drawings at the grand opening

With entry booths stationed throughout the store, and various vendors consistently drawing, there was plenty of opportunity to participate.  And some very excited winners, of course!

7. Plenty of inspiration.

One of the fun things about shopping for furniture is seeing all of the inspiration that goes along with it.  It helps to see furniture styled in a room setting, and there’s always a decorating idea or two to mentally file and take home.

schneiderman's lakeville showroom - mid-century modern vignette
Natalie and Ruth in another of my favorite rooms

Even though I had already seen much of the furniture, seeing it styled in new ways gave me some fresh ideas.

And if the comments I heard from shoppers were any indication, they were loving it too!

8. The people.

Major kudos to the team who worked tirelessly prior to opening to make the showroom, and the grand opening, a success. YOU DID IT!!!

And I know that you would all agree that well-designed showrooms and beautiful furniture are great but, without people, of course they’re just that.

So to see such an impressive turnout was exciting and gratifying. Life-long and new customers, vendors, supporters, and friends all showed up and made the day the success that it was.

schneiderman's lakeville showroom grand opening event! Lots of fun and happy customers!

I speak on behalf the entire Schneiderman’s team when I say thank you to everyone who came out to check out the new showroom and enjoy the event.   Your time, support, and enthusiasm were so appreciated!

So what was your favorite part of the grand opening? Or Schneiderman’s Lakeville showroom? Would love to hear about it in the comments!

edited 5/19/17

2 Responses to 8 Reasons Schneiderman’s Lakeville Grand Opening Rocked!

  1. Larry schneiderman May 20, 2017 at 10:44 am #

    Great job.

    Grand Opening was spectacular!

    • PK May 20, 2017 at 4:58 pm #

      Thank you Larry!


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