7 Ways to Make Your Foyer More Functional and Inviting

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When it comes to foyers, there really isn’t such a thing as “typical”.

Entrances into our homes can range from very large, grand foyers to barely-room-to-get-in-the-door entries, and everything in between.

Layouts also vary widely, which can make it difficult to have just one decorating formula that suits every space.

If you do have any sort of a designated entry, though, there are some basic tried and true elements that can be mixed, matched, and tweaked to fit the size, style, and needs of most homes.

Here’s the scoop:

1.  Something underfoot.

It’s always good to have a functional rug outside the front door for guests to wipe their feet before entering your home, of course, but don’t forget about indoors.

A rug in the foyer or entry provides interesting color, texture, pattern, and a soft place for guests to remove their shoes – as well as catching anything that didn’t get removed outside.

Fun idea for spring entry or foyer - love it! gray, black and white geometric rug, bench, gray and white wallpaper,
Meadow Bench | Rug

2. Seating.

Not every foyer or entry has room for seating but, when it does, it’s a nice option to have for guests to take shoes off and on.

Style a cute bench, add an accent chair, or pop an ottoman or two under your console table.

Cute entryway styling idea with blue windsor style bench, blue and white rug, and accessories
Belfast Bench | Rug

3. Storage.

Depending on what type of storage is already built into your foyer or entry, you may find yourself in need of more.

If closet space is missing or minimal, consider adding wall hooks or a hall tree.

Opt for a storage chest in lieu of a console table, or place baskets, bins, or decorative boxes under your entry table or bench to easily tuck things away.

Fun idea for the foyer, or really almost any room in the house. Love the vintage rust cabinet, the lamp and that cute Frenchie art!
Ironworks Cabinet

4. Lighting.

A pretty lamp not only adds another layer to your accessorizing, but also lends welcoming warmth and ambience to your space. Candles are another option to consider.

5. Surfaces.

Surfaces aren’t just great for displaying accessories, which would be enough, but they also provide a temporary place to set things such as keys, phones, and mail.

Foyer console table with basket storage underneath.
Landon Console Table

6. Dress the walls.

The entry or foyer is a great place to give guests a preview of what to expect in the rest of the house, or to just have some fun with a smaller space.

Show your personality and style by playing up walls with a bold pop of color, wallpaper, or a unique accent wall.

Art and mirrors can help finish off the space. Add one or the other, or incorporate both by layering or creating a gallery wall.

Tuck two ottomans under a console table in the foyer for extra function
Console Table | Ottomans

7. Plants and Accessories.

Accessories are the finishing touch that every room, including the entry, needs to give it that finished, homey, we-live-here, feel.

And of course plants or flowers always add life and brighten up any room.

A whimsical and welcoming foyer. Gray walls, metal console table, cowhide ottomans, styling.
Lazio Console

Do you have a dedicated foyer or entry? What’s your favorite way to make it more functional and welcoming?

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