3 Designer Tricks That Will Transform Your Room – #3

Adler Bedroom

Our first two designer tricks 1) planning your space and 2) taking the time to determine the best furniture arrangment are both important in setting the foundation for a really great room.

But once you have your major design elements in place, your room or home may still never feel completely finished or have that designer feel without – this:

Designer Trick #3 – The details

Details help add the “finished factor”, and are a great way to put your own unique spin on your home.

Here are 3 that, done right, will have a major impact in any space:

1. Rugs

Rugs are great multitaskers:  They provide warmth underfoot, give a pop of personality, inspire an accent color, and lend a healthy measure of texture.  (And to add a fun and unique spin, we love to layer them.)

But today’s trick/tip focuses on seating areas.  Even though your best possible furniture arrangement will make these areas so much better, they may still feel somewhat unfinished and not-quite-there with the cozy quotient.

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An area rug will help define the seating area and make it feel completely pulled together.  Try it.  You’ll be amazed at the difference!

(And,  yes, you can put area rugs over carpet – see some tips on that in this post.)

2. Window Treatments (the best way)

Whether you opt for bold and slightly sassy or neutral and understated, window treatments will soften windows and walls and add another layer of texture and interest to your room.

Blue and Gray Dining Room with Blue Sideboard Cabinet

So it’s great to add them, and it’s even better if you use some designer tricks for hanging them that really do have the power to transform your windows and your room.

We share those tips with you in this post (spoiler alert: think high and wide).

3. Walls.

Art has the power to transform your walls from cold and boring, to interesting, unique, and inviting.

It does make a difference how you hang it though, so we dedicated a complete post to it here: How to Hang Art, Simple Tips and Numbers to Know.


Designers may also incorporate more unique arrangements like gallery walls, layered art, or hang art in unexpected places to add a designer spin to a space.

Bonus Tip – Take a Risk

One of the reasons non-designers admire designers is because their rooms always seem to have that special something that makes them unique. a.k.a. They’re not afraid to take a risk.

So you know all of those ideas you’ve been pinning or admiring lately? The ones that make that room so unique and designery?

Do one. Take a deep breath, set some time or money aside, and just do it. It doesn’t have to be crazy or expensive, but it does need to be a little bit of a risk.

For some people, something as small as a patterned pillow feels risky, while for others it may be something bigger.  Doesn’t matter.  Pick your design risk and try it.  It will make you smile every time you look at it.

How does your room feel now?

The intention of the last 3 posts was not to cover every aspect of designing a room, but instead to highlight key things that you can do to make your design better.

Use these tricks and the end result will feel so much more complete, personal, cozy, and well-designed.

If you use any of these tips, we’d love to hear how it helped your space!

For more design tips and decorating ideas, check out our How to Decorate page…

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