3 Designer Tricks That Will Transform Your Room – #2

Designer tricks - furniture placement. Neutral living room with modern fireplace, neutrals + blue + black color scheme
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If you follow design shows, blogs, or designers for any length of time you’ll probably hear the phrase “paint is the easiest and least expensive way to transform a space” at least once, and probably more.

And while I definitely agree with that (in fact I’ve said it before on this blog) there’s another way to transform a space that you may not have thought of.  This simple idea can actually be MORE effective than paint, and it won’t cost you a dime.

Designers may not actually call it a trick, since it’s something that they automatically do as part of any good room design.  But if your room doesn’t currently have it right, this may be just what you need for a transformation.

Designer Trick #2 – Furniture Placement

I’ve worked with homeowners in the past who loved their space and loved their furniture, but they felt that neither were functioning well.  Their complaint was that their room didn’t feel pulled together or welcoming.  And they were right.

After a couple of hours and a rearrangement (and a few tweaks we’ll talk about in the next post), they would be so excited about their “new” space and amazed at the difference.  And it wasn’t because I was so great or had any special magic.  It was because how your furniture is placed in the room really does make a difference.

A defined focal point and good furniture layout work together to help a room make sense.  If there’s no obvious focal point, or the furniture isn’t arranged around the one that exists, or there’s no defined conversation areas, a room will feel slightly (or really) disjointed.  It’s like the furniture was just plopped down without a lot of thought.  And maybe it was.

Great design and decorating blog! Living room with white fireplace built-ins and stacked stone fireplace.

But how?

We know that if you aren’t a designer or don’t have one, this whole furniture arranging thing may feel a little overwhelming. Or you may have a unique room layout that’s just particularly challenging.

To give you some help and inspiration, we recently set up a page named (logically enough) Arranging Furniture.  This page is a round-up of posts with general furniture layout advice, designer tricks, and inspiration for specific room types.

It’s a new page, so we’ll be adding more posts to address specific room types and issues as we go along. If you have a suggestion for a room layout or situation that you would like us to tackle in these posts, we’d love to hear it.

You can leave your idea in the comments, or submit it via our contact form, and we’ll consider it for a future post.

So take a browse through ARRANGING FURNITURE, and use these tips and ideas to help you transform your space!

And don’t forget to stay tuned for more Designer Tricks coming up in our next post!

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