12 Ways To Create A Cozy, Inviting Guest Room

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I’m probably not in the minority when I say I’ve experienced the out-of-sight-out-of-mind-until-guests-show-up issue with my guest room. Enough, in fact, that I finally was embarrassed enough to do something about it.

If you can relate, and your guest room could use a boost to make it more functional, cozy, and inviting, I’ve rounded up some ideas to help…

1. Sleep on it.

Remember sleeping in that guest room where the mattress was so uncomfortable that you couldn’t wait to get home to your own bed?

Don’t let your guests have that same experience.  Sleep in your guest room occasionally to see how the mattress, and pillows, are holding up and whether they still pass the comfort test.

15 Ideas for a Welcoming (& Functional) Guest Room

2. Organize and declutter.

The guest room is usually completely ignored, or used almost every day to multi-task for another purpose. Either way, it can become a catchall or cluttered in a hurry.

Set a consistent schedule for purging and organizing to help avoid last minute panic when surprise guests call to say they’re on their way.

3. Bedside surface.

Place a table or nightstand beside the bed to give guests a place to lay their glasses, watch, and other essentials (one with empty drawers for storage is nice if it’s an extended stay).

guest bedroom with nightstand and lamp
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4. Lighting.

Lamps or sconces. The ceiling light is great for overall lighting, but doesn’t lend itself well to relaxing or reading. Add a bedside lamp, or wall sconces, to provide ambient and task lighting.

Night light. A simple night light will guide guests when they wake in the middle of the night and need to find their way. Plug it in the hallway outlet or bathroom, if it’s nearby, to avoid too much light in the bedroom.

5. Wi-Fi password.

Most guests will need to access your wi-fi, so make it easy for them by framing the password as art in the room.

Guest Wi-Fi Password
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6. A mirror.

Guests will appreciate not having to find the closest bathroom to use the mirror, and a mirror has the added bonus of reflecting light and brightening the room.

Larger wall-hung or dresser is best, of course, but even a small or handheld mirror will be appreciated.

7. Something living.

A green plant or vase of flowers will add life to the guest room and help it feel like it’s a vital part of the home, rather than the “spare” room.
guest bedroom dresser with mirror

8. The little things.

Think of items that you would need (or would make you feel special) when staying in someone else’s home.  Then do that in your guest room!

IDEAS: Bottled water or a water glass/pitcher, alarm clock, sample size toiletries, blow dryer, kleenex, a garbage can with liner, snacks, and a bag for dirty clothes.

9. Seating.

Not every room can accommodate a chair but, if it can, it’s a nice idea. If you don’t have an upholstered chair, pull in an extra dining chair, an ottoman, a pouf, or a folding chair.

Guest bedroom in beautiful neutral tones

10. A spot for clothes.

Move things out of the way in the closet to provide space for hanging clothes, and provide a luggage rack or empty surface for a suitcase.

11. Layered bedding.

Add layers of bedding and pillows to instantly soften the guest space and make it cozy, comfy, and inviting.

(And, if extra blankets aren’t in sight, let guests know where to find them for cooler nights.)

guest bedroom with cozy layered bedding
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12. A rug.

It’s no fun to jump out of a warm, cozy bed onto a cold floor. If your room isn’t carpeted, consider adding a rug for warmth underfoot.

(If your room is carpeted, area rugs are still a great way to add another layer of texture and pattern/color to the space.)


Most of these ideas are simple, and some of them will work whether you have a dedicated guest room or not.   Pick and choose the ones that will work in your home, and your guests will appreciate the extra effort to make them comfortable.

You’ll find more decorating ideas, design tips, and room inspiration on our HOW TO DECORATE page!

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