Easy-Care House Plants

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If you’ve read our decorating posts, you may have noticed that we frequently mention natural elements, like plants, and how much life they add to a room.  Some of you love the idea, and recently asked if I would do a post about easy-care house plants.

Of course, I’m always happy to accommodate, but since I’m slightly plant-challenged myself, I checked in with Christina from Lynde Greenhouse and Nursery, for ideas.  Here  are the 5 easy-care house plants she recommended, what she had to say about them, and some general tips for plant care.
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5 Simple Ways to Decorate Like a Designer

Designer rooms - white kitchen with medium stained wood island

I toured some homes on the Parade this year and, in addition to seeing the trends and creative design on display, it was fun to listen to the comments of other parade goers. There’s always oohing and aahing over designer rooms, or certain features that they admired.

Which got me thinking about designer spaces, and what tricks designers use – other than being trained in good design principles – to set their spaces apart and give them that “certain something”.

Here are some ideas:
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How to Make Your Deck Or Patio An Outdoor Oasis

modern renovation tables

In a recent conversation about the weather (which, isn’t that what everyone’s talking about these days?), someone said “We’ll probably go directly from cold/snow to 80 degrees and sunny, and just skip spring altogether.”  And, as we Minnesotans know, they could very well be right!

And we’re so ready for those warm, sunny, snowless days, aren’t we?  Which is why we want inviting outdoor spaces to enjoy every. single. bit of them.

Here are some ways to make your deck, patio, or porch into a relaxing outdoor oasis.

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