Decorating With Area Rugs

area rugs of all sizes and styles - decorating with area rugs
Schneiderman’s area rugs

As temperatures start to trend in the downward direction, we begin to focus on ways to make our homes warmer and more inviting for the cooler (or downright cold) months ahead.

There are a variety of ways to up the cozy factor, but area rugs definitely top the list for adding that extra layer of warmth to your space.

And area rugs are great multi-taskers as well – here’s what else they can do:

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Furniture Shopping the Smart Way – 7 Helpful Tips

furniture shopping - great tips to make it easy. Love these fun swivel chairs, too!
SHOP: Swivel Chairs

Depending on your point of view, furniture shopping may be really fun and exciting, or it might be approached with a little anxiety and trepidation.

But, no matter your perspective, there are 7 things that will help ensure an enjoyable, stress-free shopping experience and a successful outcome.

Here are our top tips:

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Color Cues: Getting Cozy With Gray

Cozy gray decorating - living room with gray velvet furniture, leather and warm accents
SHOP: ottoman | leather chesterfield | similar chair

What comes to mind when you hear the word GRAY?   Is it words like warm, cozy, inviting…?

I chatted about design trends with a friend recently whose answer to that question would be “not so much”.  She can’t embrace the gray trend because, in her opinion, grays are just too cool.  And that’s okay.  Not everyone will embrace every trend, and you should decorate with what you love.

But maybe you really like gray, or are considering it, and you’re wondering how to make it cozier.   Pair gray with any of these ideas (or, better yet, all of them) to move gray decorating to the cozy side.

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