9 Tips for Arranging Furniture in a Living Room or Family Room

Beautiful living room - arranging furniture around stone fireplace and TV.

One of the things that we suggested in our post on Furniture Shopping Tips was to measure your room and try out different furniture placement scenarios – either on paper or using a room planner – prior to shopping.

We still think that’s pretty great advice, but what if arranging furniture isn’t one of your strong points?  Or you’ve never had to do it before?

We’ve got some tips and general guidelines that will help:

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Summer Bedroom Inspiration – Neutrals + Coral

Beautiful bedroom with light sandy neutral walls, dark gray trim, bedroom furniture in brown tones and pops of coral
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Summer’s not quite officially here yet, but we’ve already experienced a decent amount of warm and sunny summer-like weather this spring.

And, along with the sunshine, blue skies, and colorful hues of summer outdoors, usually comes a craving for a fresh splash of color in our indoor spaces as well.

Love this summer bedroom! White walls, brownstone furniture, pops of coral, and rustic wood accents.
SHOP: Modern Loft Bedroom (shown in Brownstone)

When you’re decorating with neutrals, it’s pretty easy to add additional colors to your palette. In fact your options are almost endless.

But today we’re taking our summer bedroom inspiration from these beautiful rooms styled by some of our vendors.  Interestingly enough, they’ve all chosen shades and tints of coral as their accent color.

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Before and After: How A Color Change Transformed This Dining Room


We rent a variety of spaces for our room shoots, and there are typically not window treatments in any of the rooms. So when a room has curtains, we’re pretty happy.

Even when there are curtains, though, we don’t usually have any control over the style or color of curtains. Our designers have learned to adapt accordingly, and they do a great job.

But I thought it might be fun to do a little experiment with this dining room from a recent shoot. How much of an impact would it have to change the curtain color?  Let’s see…

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